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Continuous Monitoring as a Service - Diligent eSecurity

Continuous Monitoring as a Service (CMaaS)

Automated Real-Time Dashboard: Security Risk Assessments, Reporting, Diagnostics and Mitigation Solution 

The cyber landscape in which U.S. Government Federal agencies and U.S. Healthcare entities operate is constantly changing and dynamic. As threats to these entities continue to evolve, government and company leaders have recognized the need for a modified approach to protecting their cyber infrastructure. The idea of moving from a point in time risk assessment to real or near-real time assessment has given birth to the idea of Continuous Monitoring.

The promise of Continuous Monitoring is the ability to maintaining ongoing awareness of information security vulnerabilities, and threats to support organizational risk management decisions in real-time. However, the big challenge for information technology and cybersecurity professionals today, is to truly understand what it means to conduct Continuous Monitoring, and what that fully entails.

Diligent eSecurity's tools and services delivered through the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM, also known as Continuous Monitoring) provides the U.S. Government and Healthcare entities with the ability to enhance/automate their existing continuous network monitoring capabilities, correlate and analyze critical security-related information, and enhance risk-based decision made at the enterprise level. Information obtained from the automated monitoring tools will allow for the correlation and analysis of security-related information across a company's enterprise.

The Diligent eSecurity solution allows agencies to meet the key requirements of Continuous Monitoring including:

  1. Change and Configuration Management of Assets
  2. Monitoring of Security Controls using Automated Tools
  3. Documentation Updates and Reporting

Our service solution for Security Authorization enables agencies to meet the regulatory requirements of C&A Automation and Continuous Monitoring (CM). The solution addresses the requirements of a stand-alone, cloud-based or a hybrid System.

Diligent eSecurity's solution has been designed to guide agency C&A teams through a structured methodology that complies with FISMA and strictly follows NIST/DOD/ICD standards, and helps meet the requirements of Continuous Monitoring. It also helps the C&A team to prepare the initial and subsequent updates to C&A packages, complete with the necessary documentation for getting and maintaining the Authorization to Operate (ATO).

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