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Healthcare & BioPharma

Today’s Healthcare CIO struggles to meet HIPAA’s Meaningful Use requirements. At Diligent eSecurity, we believe that complying with HIPAA’s Meaningful Use core requirement (#15, conduct a security risk analysis) is only the first step to securing your healthcare facility and patient’s personal information assets. We understand that Healthcare CIO’s challenges and responsibilities far surpass Meaningful Use, and includes threats of cyber attacks, information breaches and technology inoperability to name a few.

Here are examples of security challenges that the Healthcare Industry faces today:

  1. Security of Data-Sharing Technologies: The industry has identified the benefits of sharing data such as patient information, population health trends, and pharmaceutical product information to improve healthcare delivery. As more healthcare and biopharma companies invest in new data-sharing technologies, their risk of cyber attacks and information breaches increase. At Diligent eSecurity, we believe it is pertinent that before healthcare companies invest in and while using these data-sharing technologies that effective privacy and cyber security solutions are implemented to protect the information. Increasingly, healthcare consumers (patients) consider privacy and security of their personal information a top priority when selecting a healthcare provider. And so to meet this need, Diligent eSecurity provides Continuous Monitoring as a Service (CMaaS) to address information privacy and cyber security risks of healthcare company’s information against cyber attack that are rapidly evolving daily.
  2. Security and Inoperability of Health Information Exchange (HIE) Systems: The increased need for HIE’s has created system and security challenges for healthcare and biopharma organizations. Creating a single repository (HIE) to house health providers and patients’ personal information definitely has its benefits, but also many challenges. One of the challenges these organizations face is the inoperability of their current systems, many HIE systems discover difficulties integrating data sources from several healthcare provider systems. Another challenge of the HIE is the privacy and security of storing and transmitting patient information to/from the HIE and the healthcare provider. At Diligent eSecurity, we believe that security should be built into the architecture of the HIE in the planning stages of the project. Doing so, will provide the opportunity to address inoperability and security risks of multiple healthcare providers accessing the HIE before the HIE is live. Diligent eSecurity provides highly experienced and certified cyber security architects to work along aside our client’s internal IT architects to ensure that cyber security is designed and provisioned into their infrastructure.

With today’s healthcare information security challenges, it is evident that complying to Meaningful Use security requirements (although important) isn’t enough. Like our government agency clients, Diligent eSecurity provides our Healthcare and BioPharma clients with a holistic approach to securing their company and patient’s personal information assets.

Our suite of services include:

  • Security Management planning
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Health Information Exchange (HIE) Readiness Assessments
  • Outsourced Security Officer services
  • Security Architecture Design
  • Continuous Monitoring as a Service (CMaaS)
  • Security Engineering Services: managed firewall, encryption, endpoint device encryption, and backup and disaster recovery
  • Project Management support: to implement EHR and HIE systems
  • Privacy and Security Governance best practices: in support of EHR and HIE systems
  • Cyber Security and Privacy Training

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